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Chip & Lilibeth Rose 
Real Estate Agent
Chip & Lilibeth Rose
Office: (757) 408-1227
Cell: (757) 408-1231
Fax: (757) 495-8802

Special Interests:

  • Sunny Day?  - -  Long Distance Motorcycle Touring & Travel
  • Rainy Day?  - -  Computers, Website Design, Blogging!
  • Rain or Shine?  - -  Power Shopping!

Our area here is often called "Hampton Roads" and is likewise known as "Tidewater", and some other people even like to call the whole place "Norfolk", even though Norfolk is technically only one of the smaller cities that comprise Hampton Roads VA.  It really depends on which letter of the alphabet you like best - they're pretty much the exact same place. 

Virginia Beach is often called the "bedroom" for the Norfolk Naval Base (THE largest Navy base in the world!), as many people don't want to live right next to Naval Base, so they relax and listen to XM Radio during the I-64 drive home to Virginia Beach. 

Some even prefer to live a bit farther away and keep rolling down the road (if you're paying for XM Radio, you might as well spend time listening to it!) to Chesapeake, and some even go farther to Suffolk which is about 15-20 minutes farther down the road if you're coming from Norfolk Naval Base. 

Virginia Beach VA is about 30-40 minutes from the Norfolk Naval Base, Chesapeake is another 10-15 minutes, and Suffolk is yet another 15 minutes or so, depending on traffic.  We have a great AM radio station (non-XM!!) that continually broadcasts up-to-date traffic patterns which is very helpful.

If you prefer to go the other direction, toward Williamsburg or Richmond to buy a home for sale in Newport News VA Real Estate, (aka, the "Peninsula") you'll need to go through the Hampton Roads bridge/tunnel on I-64 or through the Monitor Merrimac bridge tunnel on I-664, depending on how traffic is flowing when you go.  And that drive is about 30-40 minutes or so.

Overall, this is a very pleasant area to buy a home for sale and settle down.  The bus / transit system reputedly needs some work, but commuting here is pretty much automobile-based, and is nicely laid out.  The various cities of Tidewater Virginia have a large number of subdivisions, with plenty of elbow room, and the industrial and commercial interests don't overshadow the residential areas like they do in other major metropolitan areas.

Come join the fun and find out why "Virginia is for Lovers!!"


Chip and Lilibeth Rose have been residents and homeowners in Virginia Beach for many years.   Together they have over eighteen years working full-time in real estate in the Hampton Roads Virginia area.   Chip retired from Navy prior to selling Virginia Beach VA real estate and surrounding areas like Chesapeake, Suffolk Newport News and Norfolk Virginia.  He is very fond of motorcycle touring, computer technology, and personal health and fitness.

Lilibeth was a mortgage loan officer, giving her a strong ability to assist people to find the best loan rates and financing from the many choices available.  She is active in the church choir, and also enjoys sewing, gourmet cooking, and going for "power walks" (otherwise known as shopping!).

As Chip says, "What's great is that we're just every day folks who have a lot in common with our customers, and that enables us to understand their situations, and really helps us to do a good job for them."

Chip and Lilibeth take immense pride in helping people find homes for their families.  Together they combine a wide range of years of knowledge, skill-sets, and hard-earned experience in real estate.  After having helped countless families to find a "home of their own", they now have many past clients in the area that they are proud to call "friends."  The fact that the majority of their current sales come from a stream of referrals from satisfied past clients is a living testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction.

If you are thinking about buying or selling a home or would just like to have some additional information about real estate, please contact us by using one of our web forms, or just email us directly at

Thanks again for investing some of your time with us - stop by anytime at our Virginia Beach VA real estate website and allow us the opportunity to earn your business.

Please tell us how we can assist you....

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